An Overall Rating Of IPL Surged By 44 Per Cent Compared To Last Year- How Did CSK Contribute To It?


Indian Premier League(IPL), the world’s biggest cricket league, created a new record in viewership. According to the BARC data, the total viewership during the IPL playoffs was 49.6 crore. In addition, the overall rating of IPL also surged by 44% compared to the previous season. If you are a cricket fan, you might have witnessed a nail-biting IPL final 2023 between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans, which brought 12 crore unique viewers.

With this, the peak concurrency of the IPL final broke the previous records. Did you know why the IPL 2023 final remained in the limelight? It is due to the Chennai Super Kings, which has become an emotion for every cricket fan. In this post, we will delve into CSK’s contribution to an overall rating of IPL 2023.

BARC Data On IPL 2023 Overall Rating 

According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council(BARC), IPL playoffs delivered a higher rating compared to last year. Most importantly, the viewership during this also surpassed the record of the IPL 2020 season. Disney Star, an official TV broadcaster of IPL, also said that the total consumption of the live broadcast until the finals created a record of 40.9 billion minutes. As a result, overall ratings for the IPL playoffs surged by 44 per cent, adding unique viewers.

As per the sources, the Qualifier 2 between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians witnessed a peak TV concurrency of 6.1 crore. Apart from Disney Star, Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Cinema, which had the digital rights of IPL 2023, also recorded 12 crore unique viewers with a peak concurrency of 3.21 crore during the final match which was played between CSK and Gujarat Titans.

What Was The Contribution of CSK In IPL’s Overall Rating?

Chennai Super Kings(CSK), which is captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, remained in the limelight since the beginning of the IPL 2023. The major reason behind this was the rumours that IPL 2023 might be Dhoni’s last season. 

As a result, a large number of people viewed CSK’s matches on TV and smart devices. The surprising fact here is that the viewership of IPL remained at its peak when Dhoni came to batting on the field. Apart from this, there are various ways in which CSK contributed towards IPL 2023 overall ratings.

Huge Fanbase

CSK has a huge fan base which covers different age groups. Being one of the successful IPL franchises, CSK fans were willing to pay any price to watch their favourite players perform on the field. During the home matches of CSK, the stadium could be seen jam-packed, which benefited the overall ratings of the IPL. Apart from this, the team also received massive support in the home-away matches. It affected the viewership of the IPL and positively affected CSK share price during the season.

Brand Value

Another thing in which CSK contributed towards IPL’s overall ratings is via brand value. From the start of the IPL 2023, CSK is seen as the favourite team for winning the tournament. Most cricket experts predict that CSK will win the IPL trophy for the 5th time. Due to this, there was hype for the CSK matches, which attracted a large number of viewers physically and virtually.

Stellar Performance On-field

You might not know, but CSK’s performance from the initial matches remained heart-winning, which makes people keep a close eye on every match. Whether it’s a cricket lover or an investor who monitors the company’s performance during the IPL 2023, CSK is the reason new viewers tuned in for the IPL matches. During the playoffs, the effect of the company’s performance can be seen in Chennai Super Kings share price, which remained at its peak. 

Does IPL Overall Ratings Directly Affect CSK Share Price?

Most investors have a common question: how does IPL affect CSK share price and performance? The higher ratings here signify the IPL’s popularity among cricket fans. When it comes to metrics like overall ratings and total viewerships, every IPL franchise contributes, including Mumbai Indians, Gujarat Titans, etc. 

However, CSK remained in the limelight from the first match, showing its contribution to overall ratings. During the IPL season, CSK share price increased and remained high during the playoffs. Undoubtedly, it benefited Chennai Super Kings in the unlisted share market as its operating revenue EBITDA increased compared to the last financial year. 

It is also vital for you to understand that Chennai Super Kings share price and other metrics also depend on its performance. Considering only IPL’s overall rating in determining CSK’s current performance is not enough.

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