How Is The Performance Of CSK Pre-IPO Stocks Affected By The Team’s Winning Percentage?


Over months and years, India Cements, which oversees the operations of the well-known cricket team Chennai Super Kings, has witnessed a remarkable doubling of CSK unlisted share price. Notably, Chennai Super Kings is India’s sole sports franchise with shares listed on the grey market. Delving deeper, we can uncover the reasons why this beloved team of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become a highly coveted investment opportunity for interested retail investors and parties.

About The Most Amazing IPL Team Chennai Super King

Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited is an unlisted company that owns and operates the Chennai Super Kings franchise. The team is famous for playing in the Indian Premier League, the domestic cricket league of India. Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL title five times, in 2010, 2011, 2018,2021 and 2023. The team has the highest win percentage of all IPL teams, with 59.83%. The team hosts its home games at the M.A. Chidambaram stadium in Chennai. Initially, the company was owned by India Cements. Afterwards, it underwent a demerger and established a distinct organisation, Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd. The company was incorporated on December 19, 2014, and operates from its Anna Salai, Chennai office.

Demerge Of Chennai Super King, 

The India Cement approved the demerger of the Chennai Super Kings, a BCCI-IPL franchise cricket team, on September 26, 2014. This was done by transferring its net assets at cost into a wholly-owned subsidiary. So, as an overall result, on January 1, 2015, a new subsidiary wholly owned by CSK was formed.

Overall Performance OF Chennai Super King In Different Seasons

YearLeague standingsFinal standing
20103rd out of 8Champions
20112nd out of 10Champions
20124th out of 9Runners-up
20131st out of 9Runners-up
20143rd out of 8Playoffs
20151st out of 8Runners-up
20182nd out of 8Champions
20192nd out of 8Runners-up
20207th out of 8Not Qualified
20211st out of 10Champions

How Chennai Super Kings Evolved As An Investor’s Delight

At the end of its 12th season in September 2019, the brand value of IPL was $6.8 billion (Rs 47,500 crore), which is more than twice its value at the end of the seventh season in 2014, according to Duff & Phelps, worldwide valuation and corporate finance advisers.

Sponsorship Revenue of Chennai Super King

  • The team led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni has scored a century on the commercial pitch, making CSK only the second team to generate over 100 crores in sponsorship revenue for a single season (season 12).
  • In season 12, CSK earned Rs.59.62 Cr. from sponsorship revenue, showing a decent growth.
  • Many CSK sponsors are extensions of previous partnerships, accounting for 90% of the total.

List of CSK Sponsors 

  • TVS Eurogrip – Front Jersey Partner 
  • India Cements – Back Jersey Partner
  • Gulf Oil – Associate Partner
  • British Empire – Associate Partner
  • SNJ 10000 – Associate Partner
  • Reliance Jio – Associate Partner
  • Astral Pipers – Associate Partner
  • Nippon Paints – Associate Partner
  • Equitas – Associate Partner
  • Dream11 – Official Partner

For the past two years, Super Kings has established a strong connection with the esteemed SNJ Group. Our partnership entails showcasing the SNJ Group’s logo on the primary arm of our official jersey as well as on each side of the trousers. Furthermore, we are thrilled to unveil that both Chennai Super Kings and SNJ Group will be introducing initiatives to actively engage with their fans.

Profit And Loss Of Chennai Super King

Given below are the total revenue and net income profit loss of CSK:

Total Revenue

Over the past four years, the company’s total revenue has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 204.24%. This is due to a significant revenue spike in FY’19 following their win in the 2018 IPL. Revenues for 2022 have also increased substantially as the company won again in 2021. However, revenues may dip in 2023 due to the company’s poor performance in the 2022 IPL edition.

Net Income 

The COVID-19 impact led to rescheduling the IPL 2021 season from India to UAE, resulting in increased costs that affected the company’s net profit in FY22.

Future Prospects Of Chennai Super King 

TV rights and sponsorships comprise 70-80% of a team’s revenue. Central pool earnings for the next five years are expected to reach $7.6 billion. Therefore, investing in CSK’s unlisted shares is a good option as they are already a successful team with significant investments and sponsorships. Stockify is a reliable platform for investing in CSK’s shares.

Bottom Line

CSK is the second most valuable team in the league, valued at $1.15 billion (according to Forbes). After media rights are sold for $6.2 billion, topline revenue is expected to increase 2-3 times from Rs. 250 Cr. to Rs. 500-600 Cr. There is potential for progress in the coming financial year.

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