All about Embedded Processors and their Types

Embedded Processors

If you work in an all-computer environment, you must have seen a system designed with a combination of hardware and software to perform a specific function. Well, that is what an embedded processor is! It is a microprocessor designed to handle the specific needs of the embedded system. Simply put, it is part of a computer chip embedded in varied machines used in an organisation.

The embedded processor comes from the wide unit of processors, which is also known as the Central Processing Unit or what we commonly refer to as the CPU. The processors are the primary component in any computer system that executes instructions from the memory unit and perform functions like logic, arithmetic, input/output functioning and more! Being a part of a processing unit, an embedded processor has more to offer to the world of computers that we are going to discuss below!

What is an Embedded Processor?

The Embedded Processors are the microprocessors inserted in an embedded system designed to perform a specific function within the large processor unit. These processors are self-contained, meaning they can perform their instructed function within a large system of computers. The embedded processors also control the device’s functioning with the instructions provided to them.

They are generally found in devices with real-time processing functioning, like automotive systems, industrial control systems and consumer electronics for day-to-day use. Such devices exhibit space and power at a high level; therefore, embedded processors are inserted to facilitate seamless long-run operations without failure. Some more examples of embedded processors include TVs, smartphones, aircraft systems, washing machines etc.

Types of Embedded Processors

Embedded Processors are of different types to be able to install on various devices, as mentioned above. Here are some types of embedded processors-

  • General Purpose Processors (GPPs)

General Purpose Processor In Embedded System is commonly known as Central Processing Units. This type of embedded processor is designed to perform and control various tasks. They are used in devices that require high-end performance along with power consumption.

  • Microprocessors

Microprocessors are self-contained processors inserted on an Integrated Circuit (IC) and Microchips. The instructions from the comprehensive computer program execute them. Like General Purpose Processors, they require high power consumption.

  • Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are small embedded processors that require less power consumption in comparison to other types. They are used in devices like automotive systems, industrial control systems, and more.

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

DSPs are microprocessors that are instructed to process digital signals. They are generally used in devices that consist of audio and video processing, telecommunications and more. They also require low power consumption like Microcontrollers.

Besides all the types mentioned above, the embedded systems are divided into Single-Purpose embedded processors and System-on-Chip (SOC). All the types are installed in eclectic electronics to perform and control their specific functioning.


Embedded Processors are a part of the processing unit or Central Processing Units of computers that streamline any function with hardware and software. Its varied types enhance the seamless functioning of electric devices effortlessly.

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