Sharara Suits: A Traditional Outfit for Contemporary Indian Women

Sharara Suits: A Traditional Outfit for Contemporary Indian Women

An age-old and traditional clothing worn by Indian ladies is the sharara suit. Three-piece ensembles made composed of a kurta (shirt), sharara (leggings), and dupatta (long scarf), which date back to the Mughal Empire, are popular among modern Indian ladies. These suits’ adaptability, elegance, and comfort make them ideal for weddings, parties, and other festive events. In this essay, we’ll discuss the sharara suit’s historical roots, fashion, and the reasons why they’ve become a staple for contemporary Indian ladies.

Here is a synopsis of Sharara suits’ past:

One of the most significant and ancient histories in Indian design is that of sharara suits online. Originally worn by royalty and noblewomen during the Mughal Empire, it was a sign of richness and luxury and a display of prosperity and opulence. The term “shararah,” which means “sparkling,” comes from the Persian word “sharara,” which refers to flared silk trousers that are adorned with exquisite embroidery and glittering ribbons. The kurta and dupatta are just two pieces of an intricate sharara costume, which also includes opulent materials and decorations.

The sharara suit’s design is as follows:

The classic sharara suit has developed to mirror contemporary fashion trends while still paying homage to its historical origins. For them, a range of patterns, materials, and fashions are available. A kurta is a form of clothing that can be short or long and is fashioned out of cotton, silk, or chiffon. Sharara trousers can be any length, ranging from ankle-length to floor-length, and have a flared out knee. They are often composed of silk, chiffon, or cotton and decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads, and sequins. A dupatta can be draped in a number of different ways, depending on the situation and personal preferences.

Sharara suits are adaptable and may be worn in both professional and informal settings. They come in a variety of colours to fit every occasion or desire, from pastels to bright and dramatic hues. A kurta may be dressed up or down according on the situation and the wearer’s personality, from subtle and plain to elaborately decorated.

Modern Indian ladies wear beautiful sharara suits, such as this one in grey.

The traditional and timeless sharara suit is still a favourite among contemporary Indian ladies. They mix history and contemporary, making them the ideal option for ladies who wish to embrace current fashion trends while maintaining a connection to their heritage. Sharara suits are appropriate for women who wish to walk around easily while the festivities are going on, in addition to being cosy, useful, and fashionable.

In addition, ladies of different ages and body shapes can wear sharara suits. They are universally flattering and can be tailored to fit any personality or style. Because of their loose fit and comfort, they’re a sensible option for women who wish to dance and take part in the celebrations without any limitations.


The Sharara suit is a traditional outfit for contemporary Indian ladies. Although they maintain trend with their contemporary patterns and ornamentation, they are ageless due to their long past. Women’s sharara suits come in a variety of styles, materials, and patterns at Swarajshop, making it simple for our clients to choose the perfect outfit for any event, whether it be official or informal. Depending on your preferences, you may select a plain or richly embroidered sharara suits online.

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