HP Laptop Battery Price list in India

Introduction of HP laptop battery price

The HP laptop battery price in India can vary depending on factors such as the model of the laptop, battery capacity, and other specifications. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the price range for HP laptop batteries in India typically starts from around 1,500 INR (Indian Rupees) and can go up to 5,000 INR or more.

It’s important to note that prices may vary based on the specific laptop model and the type of battery required. Higher-capacity batteries or specialized batteries may be priced at the higher end of the range. Additionally, market conditions and other factors can also influence the pricing of laptop batteries over time.

HP laptop battery model

HP OA04: 

The HP OA04 is a 4-cell lithium-ion battery commonly used in HP laptops. It has a typical capacity of around 41 Watt-hours (Wh), which refers to the amount of energy the battery can store. The OA04 is designed to provide reliable power for general day-to-day use and offers a balance between performance and battery life.

HP VI04: 

The HP VI04 is another 4-cell lithium-ion battery used in various HP laptop models. It typically has a capacity of around 41 Wh, similar to the OA04. The VI04 battery is known for its long battery life compared to standard batteries, making it a popular choice for users who require extended usage away from a power source.

HP HS04: 

The HP HS04 is also a 4-cell lithium-ion battery that is commonly used in specific HP laptop models. It usually has a capacity of around 41 Wh, providing a sufficient power supply for daily usage. The HS04 battery is designed to be durable and reliable, delivering consistent performance.

HP PR06: 

The HP PR06 is a 6-cell lithium-ion battery, offering a higher capacity than the standard 4-cell batteries. With a larger capacity, the PR06 can provide extended battery life, allowing users to work for longer periods without needing to recharge. The PR06 battery is often used in select HP laptop models that require higher power consumption.

HP CC09: 

The HP CC09 is a higher-capacity battery primarily used in business-oriented HP laptop models. It is a 9-cell lithium-ion battery, providing even longer battery life than the standard 4 or 6-cell batteries. The CC09 battery is ideal for professionals or users who require extended usage time while on the go or in situations where access to a power outlet is limited.

Are HP laptop batteries compatible with different models?

HP laptop batteries are designed to fit specific laptop models or series. This is because different laptop models may have variations in their physical dimensions, power requirements, and battery connectors. Therefore, it is important to ensure compatibility between the battery and the laptop to ensure proper functioning and avoid any potential issues.

To help customers find the right battery for their laptops, HP provides information about compatible models for each battery. This information can usually be found on the HP website, product documentation, or by contacting HP customer support.

When searching for a replacement battery, it’s recommended to provide the exact model or series name of your laptop to ensure you get a compatible battery. The battery’s model number or part number is also helpful in identifying the correct replacement.

Using a battery that is not designed for your specific laptop model can lead to compatibility issues. For example, the battery may not fit properly in the battery compartment or may have different power specifications that are not suitable for your laptop. Incompatibility can result in poor battery performance, shorter battery life, or even potential damage to your laptop.

Therefore, it’s important to double-check the compatibility of the battery before making a purchase. HP’s official website, authorized dealers, or contacting HP customer support are reliable sources of information to confirm the compatibility of the battery with your specific laptop model.

How can I maximize the battery life of my HP laptop?

Adjust Power Settings: 

Optimize your laptop’s power settings to maximize battery life. In the Windows operating system, you can access the Power Options settings and choose a power plan that is balanced or power-saving. This helps optimize performance while conserving battery power.

Reduce Screen Brightness: 

Lower the brightness of your laptop’s screen or use the adaptive brightness feature to automatically adjust the brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. Bright screens consume more power, so reducing brightness can help extend battery life.

Manage Background Processes: 

Close unnecessary programs and processes running in the background. Background applications, especially those that require internet connectivity, can drain battery power. Monitor and close any applications that you are not actively using.

Disconnect Unused Peripherals: 

Disconnect any peripherals like USB devices, external hard drives, or Bluetooth devices when they are not in use. These peripherals draw power from your laptop and can contribute to battery drain.

Use Power-Saving Features: 

Enable power-saving features such as sleep mode or hibernation when your laptop is idle for an extended period. These features help conserve power by putting the laptop in a low-power state.

Disable Unnecessary Wireless Connections: 

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any other wireless connections if you are not using them. These connections consume power, and disabling them when not needed can help prolong battery life.

Adjust Keyboard and Mouse Settings: 

Decrease the backlight intensity of your keyboard, or consider turning it off completely if you can type comfortably without it. Additionally, use power-saving settings for your mouse or touchpad to conserve battery power.

Regularly Update Drivers and BIOS: 

Keeping your laptop’s drivers and BIOS up to date can optimize power efficiency and overall performance. Check the HP support website periodically for updates specific to your laptop model.

Keep Your Laptop Cool: 

Excessive heat can negatively impact battery life. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid using your laptop on soft surfaces that can obstruct airflow. Consider using a laptop cooling pad if necessary.

Maintain Battery Health: 

HP battery calibration tools and guidelines to help maintain the health of your laptop battery. Follow the recommended practices to calibrate your battery periodically, which can improve its accuracy and overall lifespan.

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In conclusion, HP offers various laptop battery models to power their laptops. The specific battery model you need will depend on your HP laptop’s model and series. Some commonly mentioned HP laptop battery models include HP OA04, HP VI04, HP HS04, HP PR06, and HP CC09.

These battery models differ in their cell count, capacity, and intended usage. The 4-cell batteries like OA04, VI04, and HS04 provide reliable power for general usage, with a capacity of around 41 Wh. The 6-cell HP PR06 battery offers an extended battery life compared to standard 4-cell batteries. The HP CC09, with its 9-cell configuration, provides even longer battery life, making it suitable for professionals or users who require extended usage time.

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